Austria by bike: unforgettable experiences on two wheels

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austria in bici
Would you like to tackle a tour of Austria by bike? Are you curious about Austria's mountain landscapes and historical heritage?


DiscoverAustria by bike, pedaling through its well-structured routes and immersing yourself in a unique cycling experience.

If you are a bicycle tourist looking for routes between towering mountains and crystal clear lakes, get ready for an unforgettable cycling adventure through Austria.

Embark on a journey through one of the destinations most popular in the world, where natural beauty blends with bicycle culture.

Why choose to explore Austria by bike?

There are several reasons why taking a bike tour in Austria can be an excellent choice. Here are some reasons why:

1. Spectacular landscapes

Austria offers a wide range of breathtaking landscapes, including the towering peaks of the Alps and the Dolomites, green valleys, clear bodies of water such as Lake Zell, and historic cities.

bike trip to austria

Many of the trails follow rivers that flow through the “Green Heart of Austria,” i.e., Styria: the Mur, Enns, Feistritz and Raab rivers.

A bike tour in Austria allows you to fully appreciate the country’s natural beauty, which alternates with culture and history.

2. Infrastructure for cyclists

Austria is famous for its excellent cycling infrastructure, which includes an extensive network of bicycle paths well-marked and well-maintained.

Suffice it to say that many Austrian resorts offer charging and rental points for e-bikes, making Austria a “pedal-assist” friendly destination. All this makes it accessible and safe to explore the country by bicycle.

3. Cycling culture

Austria is known for its strong and welcoming cycling culture. Cyclists are respected by motorists and welcomed by local residents, which makes the cycling experience even more enjoyable.

One of the opportunities to get together could be a stop during the ride at a Gasthaus or Gasthof. These are typical Austrian taverns where you can sample local cuisine and rest along the way.

4. Historical and cultural attractions

On a bike tour in Austria, you will have the opportunity to visit many historical and cultural attractions during the tour. For example, you could pass through the cities of Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Granz or Linz, all with rich traditions and cultural heritages to discover.

Austria by bike: the best routes

If you have opted for a biking adventure through pristine green landscapes, Austria presents itself as the ideal destination. With routes surrounded by nature and mountain scenery, this region offers cyclists some of the most well-structured routes in Europe.

The Tauern Cycle Path

The Tauern Mountains bike route stretches over 270 km, starting at the spectacular Krimml Falls, the highest in Central Europe, and ending in the German city of Passau.

Along the way, the trail follows the course of the Salzach River, passing through charming towns such as Braunau, Hallein, Lofer, Salzburg, and Schärding.

The Austrian Danube Cycle Path

The Danube Bike Trail stands as the best known and most popular route for bicycle tourists of all levels. The route begins in Passau, Germany, and extends to the Austrian capital, Vienna, passing through such fascinating cities as Austria’s Linz, Ardagger, Emmersdorf, and Tulln.

Danube cycle path

Stretching for about 380 km, the cycle path heads toward Bratislava, also offering two alternative options: the North Bank Dan ube Cycle Path and the South Bank Danube Cycle Path.

The Drava Cycle Path

With a length of more than 500 km, the Drava Cycle Path connects Italy, starting in Toblach, through Carinthia in Austria, to Slovenia, and on to the Croatian border. This route offers a variety of landscapes surrounded by river nature.

A significant section of this trail is the San Candido-Linz Ciclabile, extending 44 km from the town of the same name in Italy to Linz.

The Styrian Cycle Path

If you want to combine culinary tradition with nature, the ideal itinerary for you is Styria. Along a 400-kilometer route, you will pass through the Green Heart of Austria, dotted with vineyards and offering the opportunity to taste the region’s typical products.

The Bodensee-Radweg

The Bodensee-Radweg is a fascinating loop-shaped bicycle route that embraces the azure vastness of Lake Constance, extending toward the German and Swiss borders to Bregenz, Austria.

Bikeit’s tips for a bike tour in Austria

The enchanting beauty of Austria, with its alpine scenery, attracts cycling enthusiasts not only because of its landscapes, but also because of the attention paid to cyclists and the careful organization of the infrastructure network.

austria bike tour mountains

However, we at Bikeit, suggest you consider a few cautions that will prove valuable tips pwhich will make your trip even more enjoyable and safe:

  1. Documents: for EU residents, just bring your valid ID card with you
  2. Safety : given the excellent infrastructural organization, avoid busy roads, but always obey the bicycle traffic code, and remember to guard your luggage.
  3. Best time to ride: if you decide to venture to the eastern area or the Danube area with the milder climate, the ideal time is spring or fall. Summer, on the contrary, is the most suitable season to travel through mountainous areas.
  4. Remember to equip yourself in the best possible way: check that the equipment is intact and wear clothing most appropriate for the season.
  5. Water supply: the hydration for the cyclist is critical. Along routes through river towns you can find many fountains, while in the mountains you can take advantage of springs.
  6. Overnight camping: free camping is strictly prohibited in Austria, especially in National Parks and Nature Reserves. Therefore, you will find, thanks in part to the local cycling culture, numerous Bike Hotels , Zimmer and Gasthof along your journey

Embark on a bike tour of Austria with Bikeit

With this guide toAustria by bike concluded, you now have all the information you need and Bikeit ‘s valuable advice to tackle your trip in a safe and organized manner.
If you wish to explore Austria’s fascinating historical and cultural cities, Bikeit offers you the opportunity to book your bike trip, choosingthe itinerary best suited to your needs and level of fitness. Select the vacation package offered by Bikeit and get ready for your next unforgettable biking adventure.

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