Cyclist’s breakfast: what to eat before cycling

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Do you have to go on a cycling trip but don't know what to eat before going out? Bikeit recommends you the ideal cyclist's breakfast.


Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, especially if you are a cyclist. Indeed, during physical activity on a bicycle, the body needs additional energy to sustain physical effort and maintain an adequate level of performance.

Cycling to school, to university or to work is a great way to keep you active, but a normal effort of 30 minutes a day does not require any special nutrition.

If, on the other hand, you are planning a proper day of cycling, it is good to arrive prepared, finding the right balance between nutrition and cycling. In fact, a day on a mountain or road bike, covering several kilometres, with significant gradients, may require special attention to hydration and nutrition, which are certainly two key elements in the success of athletes.

cyclist's breakfast

Carbohydrates and protein for the cyclist’s breakfast

For a cyclist about to embark on a long cycling trip, it is important to have a nutritious and balanced breakfast that provides enough energy to sustain physical activity and it’s easily digestible to avoid gastrointestinal problems while cycling.

In this article we explore the best breakfast options for cyclists, which will help to ensure a comfortable and rewarding travel experience.

Here are some elements that can never be missing from a cyclist’s breakfast:

Complex carbohydrates

In the cyclist’s breakfast, it is essential to include complex carbohydrates, which can certainly be ingested through whole-grain cereals, wholemeal bread, fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt and which gradually release energy during cycling.


We all know that cycling is an endurance sport and, regardless of the level at which it is practised, carbohydrates are important for a cyclist’s diet, but protein should not be missing either.

Protein is essential for rebuilding muscle tissue and repairing muscle injuries, so it is a good idea to include eggs, cheese, milk, yoghurt, seeds and nuts in your breakfast.


Another essential element to ensure a safe cycling trip, however, is not only food, but also water. It may seem obvious, but hydration on a bicycle should never be underestimated.

Drinking enough water is essential to keep your body hydrated, but you can also supplement sports drinks or natural fruit juices to replenish minerals lost during exercise.

cyclist hydration

Examples of the cyclist’s breakfast

If you want to get on your bike seat full of energy, here are some common options for a healthy breakfast for a cyclist:

  • Toast with avocado and eggs: the carbohydrates in the toast and the protein in the avocado and eggs will provide a balanced combination of nutrients to start the day.
  • Porridge with fruit and nuts: porridge provides slow-release carbohydrates, while fruit and nuts provide protein and healthy fats.
  • Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola: the yogurt provides protein and carbohydrates, while the fruit and granola provide additional carbohydrates and some healthy fats.
  • Whole-wheat pancakes with fruit and maple syrup, accompanied by a glass of milk or natural fruit juice.
  • Vegetable omelette: a vegetable omelette can provide protein, carbohydrates and a large amount of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.
cyclist's breakfast

In general, it is important to choose a breakfast which is appropriate to personal preferences and individual nutritional needs, in order to ensure maximum energy intake and avoid stomach problems during the run.

Remember, as well as having a good, nutritious breakfast, bring a small snack in your travel kit to replenish your energy.

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