Sustainable tourism: cycle tourism as a virtuous example

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sustainable tourism
Sustainable tourism only exists if there is cohesion between tourist activity and nature. Bike touring is one example. Find out why.


Sustainable tourism is an issue close to our hearts. Our way of life is increasingly oriented towards offering us and to the world a better present and future.

Every potential choice we make has an ecological footprint, and it is the sum of these choices that determines the fate of planet earth and the well-being of human beings.

From waste collection, to travelling on public transportation, to using reusable water bottles, these are just a few simple examples to show how we can make a more sustainable choice in our every day.

But if these are examples that are more or less clear to everyone, what do we mean when we talk about sustainable tourism and why is bike touring a virtuous example of this?

Let’s find out together how to choose a healthy lifestyle even when travelling, for a better sustainable mobility.

What is sustainable tourism? (meaning and definition)

woman filling eco-friendly water bottle

Sustainable tourism is a new, and in some ways still unknown, way of approaching travel. This way of travel, places all its focus on environmental friendliness and degradation, with an eye towards the local economy and culture.

This means that a sustainable traveller organizes his or her stay in a tourist location in such a way that it has the least possible impact on the environment and, where possible, supports local realities.

This definition of sustainable tourism therefore also includes what is called responsible tourism, i.e. the realisation that there is also an ethical impact of one’s holiday in a new location.

Differences between sustainable and non-sustainable tourism

Today, choosing of approaching tourism in a different way means wanting to support the thin and delicate balance that exists between the beauty of sharing goods, knowledge and local wealth with the rest of the world, and the desire and the need to preserve them to the best of our ability, thus triggering a virtuous circle that can increase the quality of life for residents and, at the same time, ensure unforgettable experiences for travelers.

Not supporting environmentally sustainable tourism means supporting types of tourism that promote (even unknowingly) pollution, disproportionate price and cost-of-living increases, environmental degradation, and the loss of the identity and traditions of a people or region.

The characteristics of sustainable and responsible tourism

The most dedicated approach to the pursuit of sustainable travel can be summed up in the concept of ecotourism.

Ecotourism, in its broadest sense, means perpetuating a way of travelling in natural areas, preserving the environment and supporting the wellbeing of local populations.

This definition includes the topic of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Practising sustainable and responsible tourism means consciously using resources and helping to preserve natural heritage and biodiversity. And not only that, but also respecting the human heritage and authenticity of local populations by preserving traditional values and introducing the theme of intercultural understanding.

Sustainable tourism in Italy

Today, the topic of sustainable tourism is gaining momentum in Italy.

At the cost of some sacrifices, many choose more environmentally friendly options, heading for facilities that offer eco-friendly solutions.

Italy is increasingly going green, promoting initiatives such as no-smoke and plastic-free beaches.

Examples and ideas of sustainable tourism in Italy

There are many Italian resorts that choose to promote the well-being and authenticity of the area, offering increasingly sustainable solutions.

Sardinia, like Liguria and Trentino are actively moving to ensure more and more sustainable structures, such as avoiding new constructions and implementing spaces and services in historic villages.

But it is possible, in small travel choices, to be the first promoters of more sustainable travel.

Take a look, for example, at all the bike routes that Bikeit offers.

Cycle tourism and cycling routes: an example of sustainable tourism excellence

cycling and sustainable tourism

Choosing cycle tourism is a beautiful step towards the environment.

Indeed, the bicycle is the ecological means of transport par excellence, and cycle tourism is a very simple form of environmentally and territorially sustainable tourism.

In addition to bei a simple and effective way to approach a sustainable style of cycling vacation, it is also a good way to experience a sporty and healthy vacation in an easy way.

Sustainable tourism, can also be an excellent opportunity to experience an ecotourism adventure, fully immersed, for most of the time, in nature and traditions.

After all, as Kennedy said: “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bicycle ride“.

But, speaking of bike routes… read also:

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Bikeit and cycling sustainability

Discover the world of bike touring and sustainable tourism on your bike seat with Bikeit.

With us, it will be very simple to approach, even for the first time, the trip on two wheels: you just choose your destination, time period, level of difficulty and we will propose you the best solution for you.

You, too, can ride your bike towards a more sustainable tourism with Bikeit

The digital tour operator that allows you to customise your cycling holiday

Book your bike trip in a few and simple clicks.

Choose, not only to experience a sustainable trip, but also a responsible one, discovering the beauty and traditions of the area you visit.

What are you waiting for, find the perfect trip for you and ride your bike towards a more sustainable tourism with Bikeit.

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